The 8Sinn Director's Monitor Cage V2 allows you to mount up to a 7" monitor in the center for handheld use on set. Plus, there's a slot on the bottom center for stand-mounting it. It has a thumbwheel-adjustable post inserted in it, which can be screwed in or out for compatibility with different-sized stands.

Two side handles are adjustable forward and backward without any tools, and they're foam-padded and ergonomic for a comfortable grip. There's also a mounting plate on the rear with M3 mounting threads for select Gold mount and V-mount battery plates. Additionally, between this mounting plate and the platform where the monitor attaches, there's another platform with multiple 1/4"-20 threads where you can connect a transmitter. The transmitter would sit between the monitor and the battery plate, and the space is large enough for most transmitters.

The mounting platform for your monitor is padded for twist- and scratch-free attachment. A 1/4"-20 mounting screw is included for your monitor, and the mounting platform has a slot for the screw that allows some forward/backward adjustment.

8Sinn Directors Monitor Cage V2

    • Supports up to 7" monitors
    • Stand-mount slot on the bottom
    • Tool-free adjustable side handles, foam-padded with an ergonomic design
    • Mounting plate with M3 threads for Gold mount and V-mount battery plates
    • Space between the mounting plate and monitor for attaching a transmitter