This RED KOMODO Cage Kit from 8Sinn pairs the dedicated KOMODO Cage with a removable Top Plate, a Scorpio Top Handle, and an 28mm ARRI Rosette. Together, these components provide four-sided protection, a secure handle with 360° rotation, and multiple accessory mounting options for your RED DIGITAL CINEMA KOMODO camera.


Set includes: 

1pc 8Sinn Cage for Red Komodo;

1pc 8Sinn Top Plate for Red Komodo;

1pc 8Sinn Top Handle Scorpio; (Arri Rosette 28mm Mount included)


8Sinn RED KOMODO Cage Kit with Top Plate & Top Handle Scorpio

  • - Arri locating points (+ 3/8" mounting point)
    - 1/4" mounting points
    - 3-piece cage
    - 4 x M4 mounting threads
    - Left/right, front/back adjustment (handle)
    - 2 x cold shoe mounts (handle)
    - 1/4" and 3/8" mounting points (handle)