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Fomex RollLite is an LED lighting system that gives you a whole new level of experience that you have never felt before. Fomex RollLite precisely emphasizes the subject's true color with a high light intensity, and is lightweight, and easy to move and install, perfectly meets the demanding requirements of professional lighting. 


Separately and Together, Easy and Various Installation

Fomex RollLite is an innovative LED Lighting System that can be transformed freely depending on the location and circumstances. Mats can be combined to expand to the desired size as needed. Fomex RollLite uses an integral snap-grommet to allow quick and easy installation on the Butterfly, X-mounts for stand, ceilings or more.


Perfect and Precise Color

Fomex RollLite is precise LED lighting to express white color that is perfect under any circumstances. Fomex RollLite maximizes color  flexibility, allowing you to choose a color temperature from 2700K to 6500K and ensures TLCI98 and CRI96 to achieve the most exact color with your intent to look at the subject. 



The RollLite is made of unique antibacterial textile, with IP64 protection against dust and water splashes from any direction.


Photobiological Safety

The wavelength spectrum of Rollite, which has been certified for photobiological safety, is a safe light that does not irritate the eyes and skin.


Antibacterial Textile

Lighting that maximizes the strength of fabric materials and relieves concerns about bacteria and mold! Rollite shows high quality of antibacterial fabric material.



The connector can be set to operate horizontally or vertically (90deg adjustment).



The included X-Mount frame can be quickly and easily mounted to the RollLite using the push-pin one-touch locking inserts.



  • Light Output : 2000lux @1m; 2700k, 2300lux @1m; 6500k
  • Power Consumption : 100W
  • CRI / TLCI : CRI 96~98 / TLCI 98
  • Colour Temperature : 2700K~6500K
  • Dimmer : 0~100% DIM / DMX 512 / Manual
  • Color Temp. Control : 100K Steps
  • Output Connector ( Waterproof ) : 6Pin × 1
  • Mat IP Rating : IP64
  • Input : 12-24V DC (4Pin)
  • DC Out : 5V DC Out ( USB for WDMX )
  • DMX In / Out : 5Pin XLR
  • Beam Angle : 120°
  • LEDs : 432
  • Battery Mounts : V-Mount / Gold Mount
  • Mat Dimensions (ft) : 3' × 1' (91 × 46cm)
  • Mat Weight (g) : 700


Fomex RollLite RL31-100 Kit

SKU: RL31 – 100 kit
    • RollLite LED Mat 3'x1' (920x460mm)
    • Controller for RL21/31/41
    • Power Supply for RL21/31/41/EX1800
    • Output cable(6-pin) 2m for Controller
    • Extension cable(6-pin) 5m
    • X-mount Ass'y for RL31
    • Super Clamp Adaptor Shoe w/Spigot
    • Kit Bag for RL21/31/41

The following information is intended solely for MATTERPORT PRO3 customers.

Applications for Multiple Industries
  • Real estate brokers and agents: Use Matterport to win listings, sell faster, and grow your business.

  • Architecture, engineering, construction: Guides and advice specifically for the construction market.

  • Matterport service partners: Become an MSP and sell your scan services to others.

  • Platform, developers, SDK, API: Customize and extend the web player with the Matterport SDK.



Matterport Pro3 cameras require a Matterport Professional or Business subscription plan to access your 3D models, floor plans, Mattertags, and more.

Subscription Options

Subscription Required

All Matterport Pro3 cameras require a Matterport Professional or Business subscription plan to access your 3D models, floor plans, Mattertags, and more that can be purchased on the Matterport Website

Free Tier

You get one active space and one user to view privately in the cloud, download photos and videos, and take measurements; it works with iPhone and is supported by 360 cameras only.

Starter Tier

You get five active spaces and two users to share and embed anywhere, publish to, publish to Google Street View free for a limited time, worldwide Capture Services in 700+ cities, and basic space traffic analytics, as well as all the Free tier features; it works with iPhone and supported by 360 cameras only.

Professional Tier

You get 25 active spaces and five users for small team collaboration, automatic face blurring, MatterPak technical files for a small cost (excludes 360 cameras and iPhone), schematic floor plans for a small cost (excludes 360 cameras and iPhone), as well as all the Starter tier features; works with iPhone and all cameras.

Business Tier

You get 125 active spaces and 25 users for large team collaboration, account administration, export traffic reports, MatterPak technical files for an even smaller cost (excludes 360 cameras and iPhone), schematic floor plans for an even smaller cost (excludes 360 cameras and iPhone), as well as all the Professional tier features; works with iPhone and all cameras.

General Features


Transport Vivid Reality into the Virtual World

Pro3 can make indoor and outdoor captures to create a single, high-quality Matterport model of an entire space and its surroundings. The custom 20MP sensor with a 12-element lens covers an ultra-wide angle, producing accurate, detailed digital twins in brilliant, lifelike color, making you feel like you're part of the action.

Fast LiDAR Scanning

The Pro3's ultrafast, high-precision LiDAR sensor can run for hours, is surprisingly compact, and takes millions of measurements in any conditions. It creates higher-density 3D models with an accuracy of 20mm at 393' and a measurement range up to 328'. At less than 20 seconds per sweep, Pro3 speeds up the scanning process, leaving more time for collaboration.


Upgraded Accuracy

A greater range combined with faster individual scans makes it possible to capture large spaces in a fraction of the time; the Pro3 scans up to 4X faster than Pro2. Pro3, together with the Matterport advanced cloud processing platform, delivers digital twins that are more accurate, detailed, and true to life than ever before.


Digital twins are no longer confined to indoor spaces. Our breakthrough camera with LiDAR takes millions of measurements in conditions from dim light to direct sunlight, allowing you to experience the great outdoors in immersive detail.

Enhanced Detail with Digital Twins

Enhanced mesh shows greater detail in 3D models for an improved dollhouse view, accurate measurements, and more accurate tagging. Digital twins help you manage your facilities, down to the smallest detail, with more accurate measurements and estimates for cleaning, repairs, compliance, space planning, and more.


Long Range, Long Battery Life

Swappable batteries can support all-day scanning. Capturing 3D data up to 328' away at <20 seconds per sweep, the Pro3 speeds up the scanning process, leaving more time for collaborating.

3D Previews and Metadata

The Pro3 sends your scans to your iPhone or Android phone, and the Matterport software scans the data and stitches the images into a 3D model and 360° panorama in a variety of high-quality model formats such as MatterPaks, E57, floor plans, and BIM files.


You can also create custom metadata and editing using the Matterport API, which allows the use of custom editing applications, connection to Google Street View, and uploading and viewing on other services such as real estate, VR, or modeling websites. Along with viewing the footage on your phone, browser, or editing application, you can also view 3D/VR footage using the Matterport VR application in a VR headset such as Oculus Go, or by using your iPhone or Android phone with Google Cardboard VR.


Sharing via Cloud Service

The software allows you to create walkthroughs, tours, floor plans, schematic maps, and professional-quality 2D still capture output. The Matterport cloud service requires a separately obtained login and provides collaboration, customization such as metadata tags, modeling file export, and editing tools.

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