This 4-Channel Simultaneous Fast Charger & Power Station from GEN ENERGY can replenish up to four Gold mount batteries at the same time. It offers fast 6A charging for GEN ENERGY 195, 290, and 390Wh batteries, as well as 3A charging for GEN ENERGY 98Wh and third-party batteries. It features two 14.4V XLR power outputs, a five-LED level indicator status for each battery, and overheating protection.

Additional features include a heat-dissipating aluminum design, a handy carry strap, and worldwide power support.

GEN ENERGY 4-Channel Simultaneous 6A Fast Charger and Power Station (Gold Mount)

SKU: G-CB100 G
    • Aluminium body (obtain heat dissipation and EM shut-off effects from aluminum.)

    • high speed charging  

    • Anti Overheat

    • 100 levels of indicator 

    • Charging :

      4ch, 6A charging simultaneously.

      98Wh => Charged at 3A Automatically.

      Other companies' battery packs -> Charged at 3A Automatically.

    • Discharging :

      2ch XLR outlets :

      If AC input, then 14.4V is discharged from AC power.

      If AC is disconnected, 14.4V is discharged, 10A sum continuously from battery one by one, if 290Wh used, 290 x 4 = 1160Wh discharged continuously.

      You can exchange the 100% discharged battery pack with new one, hot swappable.


  • Specification

    Power max.480W
    input  AC 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz, 8A max.
    Output  16.8VDC  6A/ch
    Terminal  GOLD-MOUNT terminal
    Dimension 130 x 155 x 289 mm / 5.1 X 6.1 X 11.4 "
    Weight 4 Kg / 8.8 lbs

    Charging time (16.8V / 6A CC.CV mode)

    G-B100/98W about 3 H
    G-B100/160W about 3 H 20 M
    G-B100/195W  about 3 H 40M
    G-B100/290W  about 4 H 40M