Compatible with For ARRI Skypanel S60, S120 and Orbiter, Aputure 300D II, etc..the Portable Power Solution with 2 Batteries for 48V LED light can draw maximum 500W. It operate 48V light sources independently from an AC power source.  V-Mount Battery Power Distributer requires a pair of G-B100/290W 22A 14.4V Li-ion batteries.


*22A batteries sold separtely

GEN ENERGY G-PB48 Power Distributor

    • Power distributor designed with Gen Energy’s advance PCB, firmware and chipset.

    • G-B100/290W 22A battery required. (standard 14.4V battery).

    • Two G-B100/290W 22A batteries can power 48V, 10A.

    • Compact and light enough to mount and carry.


  • SKYPANEL SERIES Run time : Power set to 100%
    S60/120 1H 20M Max.
    S30 2H 40M Max.
    S360 N/A
    Connector 3-pin XLR
    Power DC output 48V , 10A regulated
    Batteries input 14.4V 22A ( min. 264W )
    Batteries G-B100/290W 22A ( 2pcs required )
    Weight 1.5Kg (3.3 lbs) (without batteries)
    Dimension 217 x 154.8 x 92 mm (8.54 x 6.09 x 3.62" )
    Operating temp. -10 ~ +45 °C recommended