The ML-9 LED Light Handheld Camera Kit from Matrix Light includes ML-9 LED Light Module, ML-DF2 Diffuser, ML-PC1 Power Cable, ML-LB3 Ball Head Bracket, ML-BA12 Li-Ion Battery, ML-CHG1 Battery Charger, and ML-SL30/AT1 L-Type Slide/Attachment.

The ML-9 module features three built-in memory buttons that allow you to store your most frequently used brightness and color temperature settings. The dual indicators display current brightness and color temperature. With precision dimming and coloring controllers, the ML-9 allows the user to adjust the brightness and color temperature. Turbo mode supports up to 2200 lumens of brightness, equivalent to a 220W light bulb.


The ML-BA12 Li-ion battery is compatible with ML-80, ML-7, ML-9, and ML-115R LED lights. Weighing only 13.3 oz, it features a compact and lightweight design.