The ML-115R LED Light VR360 Camera Kit from Matrix Light includes two ML-115R LED light modules, two ML-DF3 diffusers, an ML-LB4 VR 360 light bracket, an ML-EB1 3.9" extension bar, two ML-PC1 power cables, two ML-BA12 Li-ion batteries, and an ML-CHG1 Battery Charger. The LED light module is designed to be used for virtual reality / 360° shooting, high-speed camera shooting, digital microscopes, chroma key lighting, and IR ray lighting. It features brightness and color temperature controllers where brightness can be controlled in 10% increments from 150 lumens to 2200 lumens, and color temperature can be controlled in 11 steps (in 240K increments) from 3200K to 5800K. With brightness and color temperature LED indicators on the back side, it allows the user to check the current brightness and color temperature. The Turbo mode supports up to 2200 lumens of brightness, equivalent to a 220W light bulb.


Using adaptable accessories, the ML-115R light module is suitable for electronic news gathering cameras, digital single-lens reflex cameras, and action cameras. It also has a USB communication port that allows simultaneous control of multiple units, making it useful for virtual reality / 360° shooting. The ML-BA12 Li-ion battery is compatible with ML-80, ML-7, ML-9, and ML-115R LED lights. Weighing 13.3 oz, it features a compact and lightweight design.


  • Designed to fit most macro lens systems
  • Can be used with industrial camera devices

Matrix Light ML-115R LED Light VR360 Camera Kit

  • Matrix Light ML-115R Specs


    Type Current-regulated power LED light
    Projection System Effective Light Projection Range: 0.6 to 6 m (Depends on shutter speed, aperture levels, and gain control)
    Projection Angle Light Projection Angle: 90°
    Color Temperature 3200K to 5800K (240K / 1 step)
    Brightness 10 to 100% (230 lumens / 1 step)
    Maximum Brightness Maximum 1100 lumens (Normal mode)
    Maximum 2200 lumens (Turbo mode)
    Luminance Illuminance in 1 m distance
    Maximum 1100 lux (Normal mode)
    Maximum 2200 lux (Turbo mode)
    Power Supply 12 VDC
    Current Consumption Normal Mode: 1.5 A / 18 W (maximum)
    Turbo Mode: 3 A / 36 W (maximum)
    Luminance 66 lumens / W
    Dimensions Outer Diaphragm: 7.48" / 190 mm
    Inner Diaphragm: 4.58" / 115 mm
    Height: 1.14" / 29 mm
    Weight 1.1 lb / 500 g


    Battery Type Li-ion
    Battery Power 12 VDC / 5200 mA
    Battery Life 2 hours 30 minutes (Maximum brightness in normal mode)
    1 hour 15 minutes (Maximum brightness in turbo mode)
    Charger Dedicated battery charger (ML-CHG1)
    Dimensions 2.7 x 3.7 x 2.4" / 69 x 95 x 61 mm
    Weight 13.3 oz / 377 g
    • Matrix Light ML-115R LED Light VR360 Camera Kit
    • 2 x Matrix Light ML-115R LED Ring Light Module
    • 2 x ML-DF3 Diffuser
    • 2 x ML-PC1 Power Cable
    • 2 x ML-BA12 Li-Ion Battery
    • ML-CHG1 Battery Charger
    • ML-LB4 VR 360 Light Bracket
    • ML-EB1 3.9" Extension Bar
    • Limited 1-Year Warranty


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