• 200W Flexible, Moldable LED Mat
  • High CRI Property of 98-95
  • Unique Outer Casing Design without a Coating
  • Integrated Thermal Pad for Optimized Cooling
  • Fully Adjustable Color Temperature and Brightness
  • DMX Connection Via RJ45
  • Built-In V-Mount Battery Plate -Resistant to Moisture
  • Five Memorized Kevin Presets


The LED Scarf 2X2 is a 200W bi_color LED mat with a high CRI of 98~95. Thanks to the lightweight design using a flexible PCB, touch-fasteners and pliable wires in the frame, it can easily bend and mounted while holding its form. For this advantages, the LED Scarf can be used on any kind of shooting environments where most light sources simply can’t such as car and boat interiors, elevator, ceiling and even rounded column, and also multiple LED Scarf mats can be connected each other using their touch-fasteners on the front and the back.

In additon, its unique outer casing construction with a waterproof zipper and thermal pad inside, which is exchangeable is especially designed not only to protect LED lamps from damage caused by tough usage or stressful internal heat but also to allow them to be repairable without surface degradation.

Color temperature is adjustable from 2800K to 6000K and there are five momorized Kelvin presets for quick color set up. Brightness is dimmable smoothly from 100%~0%. The LED Scarf runs on 15~24VDC or AC Adapter and has an integrated V-mount battery plate. This Kit includes the LED Scarf 2X2 bi_Color LED mat, X bend, ball head adapter, universal AC adapter and RC-6 dimmer.


*V-mount Battery not included

Yegrin LED Scarf 2X2 Bi-Color Kit